ZBI Congress 2014 - Review

The first ZBI Congress, which was organised by CPI worldwide on 28th Feb. 2014 at the Hotel Ossa in Poland, can be written up as a complete success. About 500 participants congregated for the Congress at Hotel Ossa. Such large numbers and their obvious great interest also contributed to the occasion’s up-beat atmosphere. Due to the high demand in the run-up to the event, both the exhibition and conference programme had been substantially enlarged in order to offer an appropriate backdrop for this great number of persons.

A great hit with visitors from the Polish concrete industry was the combination of conference programme with its accompanying trade show. The latter boasted more than 70 stands, which were occupied by very well-known international companies from the concrete industry.

The lecture programme was divided into four main subject areas and conducted in parallel in two lecture halls. In the morning, visitors – entirely in line with their own individual, specific points of interest - were thus able to follow expert talks on concrete products in one room, whilst concrete pipes and manholes were the parallel topic on the agenda in the other hall. In the afternoon, the focus switched to the topics of precast concrete components and concrete technology.

The lectures were very well attended throughout the day. In the morning, additional seating accommodation even had to be found due to the throngs of participants, despite the fact that calculations in planning for the Congress had been extremely generous and optimistic as regards a high number of visitors.

Many speakers held their talks in the Polish language. With lectures in English, the simultaneous interpretations provided in both lecture halls aided in creating a smooth-running programme without language barriers.

It was not just the talks that met with enthusiastic interest; the expert public was equally attracted by the large trade show located in front of the lecture halls. The exhibition’s colourful mix was especially appreciated by the visitors. As with the lecture programme, there was something for everybody. International companies from the entire concrete sector answered questions posed by trade visitors interested in their presentations of products and solutions. Each person could find something for his individual needs in the trade show, no matter where his own speciality might be found.

The organisers had already envisaged a second ZBI Congress next year. This idea has now been lent weight by the numerous requests on the ground from visitors and associations. Plans for 2015 were immediately put into “concrete terms” on site; a date was quickly found. The second ZBI Congress will take place from 10 – 11 February 2015 again at Hotel Ossa.