ICCX Middle East 2017 - Conference Program

26 - 27 November 2017, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Precast Concrete Solutions for a Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure

  Manesh Simon ae United Arab Emirates Achieving sustainability in Middle East with modern precast concrete technology
  Dr Stephan Uebachs de Germany Properties of geopolymer concrete and experience with the application
  Prof. Hans Beushausen za South Africa Designing concrete sewer pipes for increased acid resistance

Precast Concrete Technology and Innovative Construction Technologies

  Dipl.-Ing. Juergen Glaesle de Germany Contemporary precast concrete architecture around the globe
  Dr Stephan Hauser de Germany High performance precast façades mastering modern architectural and building physics’ challenges
  Thomas Friedrich de Germany Precast buildings of tomorrow - cool, intelligent and flexible
  Prof. Theo Salet nl Netherlands The future of 3D printing and its applications in the precast concrete industry
Evening event

Concrete Products

  N.N. N.N. N.N.
  Karthik P.K ae United Arab Emirates Quality control of blocks and pavers in the Middle East
  Michael Gerwing de Germany Concrete pavers with triple protection
  Dr Alexander Wetzel de Germany Packing-density optimized face concretes for durable two layered paving slabs

Concrete Technology

  Dr Mohamad Nagi ae United Arab Emirates Durability design of concrete structures
  Prof. Hans Beushausen za South Africa Durability of structural precast concrete elements: design, specification, manufacture and quality control
  Dr Mohamad Nagi ae United Arab Emirates Manufacture and placement of concrete in hot environments
  Dr Juergen Oecknick chSwitzerland Nano-particles boost the efficiency of construction materials - dreams and reality