ICCX Russia 2006 - Review

Technical Congress and Technology Exhibition

From 19th to 21st April 2006 in Hotel Pulkovskaya in St. Petersburg takes place the second ICCX St. Petersburg, during which 18 experts from Russia, America, Europe and the Near East will present current topics of Russian concrete and precast component industry. At the same time more than 50 exhibitors from all over the world will exhibit in the integrated technology exhibition their products, services, machinery and plants for this industry for the benefit of the participants of the congress.

At the ICCX St. Petersburg 2005 in May last year there were over 450 participants who came to St. Petersburg to participate in the first congress of this kind in Russia. The interest in the topics of our expert speakers, as well as in the technology exhibition, was so great, that a repeat of the successful event in the year 2006 was demanded.

The aim of papers in 2005 was the imparting of latest knowledge and technologies for the concrete and precast component technology in general. Being built on these lecture papers in this year specifically those subjects will be handled, which are currently of special interest to all Russian producers of concrete and precast components:

Construction automation and construction systems for large size concrete precast components

Emphasis of this year’s event will be on the subject area of „Construction automation and Construction Systems“. The inaugural address on this subject will be held by Prof. Thomas Bock, the member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy for Civil Engg., Architecture and Urbanization. Prof. Bock will report on new construction systems and in this he will provide an overview about which opportunities and perspectives the automation in the civil engineering brings with it, especially with reference to large size concrete precast components. It will be followed by Dr. Michail Kamenski from the state parliament in Moscow with an overview about the investments of Russian concrete and precast component industry in the recent years. Many companies, who present their products and services in the technology exhibition, have developed contact in recent years in Russia and have also supplied machinery and plants there, so that several projects can be reported about. Prof. Videvud Lapsa, the president of the Latvian concrete association, will introduce a construction system of concrete precast components, which is optimized with respect to load carrying capacity as well as thermal protection and which, therefore, is also excellently suitable for Russia.

Complementing the examples of innovative concrete precast component systems Arnold van Acker in his paper presents completely worked out lecture documents for technical universities, in which students and others interested in the subject will brought closer to concrete precast construction in planning and design aspects. These lecture documents can be obtained free-of-cost from the expert after the congress. Financial support for the project came from the largest concrete precast component manufacturer in Europe, Consolis. Matthias Kintscher, the ombudsman of the working group „Anchorages in Concrete“ of the study association for precast construction, will report in his speech about transport anchor systems and bonding agents for the modern concrete precast component construction.

Concrete technology, additional materials, additives

A further emphasis at the event will be in the field of concrete technology. Dr. Frank Dehn from the University of Leipzig will offer in addition an overview about the additional materials for concrete, who functions he will explain and will show application areas. Especially interesting is the deployment of additional materials in the production and processing of self compacting concrete, about which Prof. Viktor Mechtcherine of TU Kaiserslautern will report. Prof. David Stackelberg from Israel holds on this subject area a lecture about „Real- time monitoring of cement and concrete quality in all stages of production and use“.

The cement price increase in Russia has forced concrete and precast concrete producers to consider the additional use of substitutes. Two presentations are to be given on this topic At ICCX St. Petersburg 2006 by the European Coal Combustion Products Association (Ecoba). Joao Vale, the president of Ecoba, will speak on the ”Use of Fly Ash in Concrete - Experiences in Europe“ and Hans-Joachim Feuerborn, technical officer at Ecoba will be discuss- ing ”Coal Combustion Products - Valuable Raw Materials for the Construction Industry“.

Concrete elements for civil engineering, concrete blocks and pipes

Joan Blecha, who is simultaneously the president of Hanson Pipe & Products Southeast (one of the largest concrete pipe and precast concrete manufacturers in North America) and chairwoman of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), will be speaking on the topic of ”Cost Control for Precast Plants“ in relation to ”Concrete Elements for Civil Engineering – Concrete Blocks and Concrete Pipes“. Dr. Karsten Körkemeyer from Berding Beton, one of the fastest growing groups of precast concrete plants in Germany, will be speaking on ”Large and Special Pipes Made from Steel-Reinforced Concrete – Technological Status and Development Trends with Application Examples“. The IFF Weimar is in Europe one of the leading establishments with the aim of promoting and developing research and practice of precast component technology and the prefabricated construction. The director of the institute of IFF Weimar, Dr. Helmut Kuch, will speak in his speech about compacting of concrete volumes for concrete paving bricks and pipes. Further, Russian experts will introduce currently operating concrete and precast component factories, in which positive experience was gained with western pro- duction technologies.

Integrated technology exhibition with over 50 exhibitors

More than 50 companies from all over the world will introduce in the integrated technology exhibition their products and services as well as prospectus material of their machines and plants for the concrete and precast component industry to the visitors. The technology exhibition, which is located in the congress center of the Hotel Pulkovskaya directly in front of the lecture hall of the technical lectures, will be opened full days on 19th and 20th April 2006.

Further information

In the evening of 19th April 2006 the participants can again expect a comprehensive show program within the scope of technology exhibition, in which different artist will entertain the audience. On 21st April 2006 excursions to different concrete and precast component factories will be offered. The participants will be picked up directly from the Hotel Pulkovskaya by buses.

The price for an entry ticket for the congress is 325.00 EUR. This includes

  • Participation in the lecture program on 19th and 20th April 2006,
  • Visit of integrated technology exhibition on 19th and 20th April 2006,
  • A seminar material hand out with brief version of lectures in written form as well as with a detailed exhibition directory with detailed contact addresses
  • Comprehensive boarding package, comprising of lunch and dinner buffet on 19th April 2006, another lunch buffet on 20th April 2006 as well as coffee and cake within the scope of the exhibition,
  • Participation in the evening program on 19th April 2006 in the Hotel Pulkovskaya,
  • Participation in excursions to concrete factories on 21st April 2006

Alternatively day cards are offered, which are valid only for the visit of the exhibition and for the lunch buffet on the entry day. These entry cards cost 75.00 EUR per day. In this manner, all those visitors who are not interested in participating in the lecture program are offered the opportunity to get themselves acquainted with the latest developments of exhibiting companies in the technology exhibition. Current information on ICCX St. Peters- burg 2006 is available at the Internet site www.iccx.org, at which also registration forms for visitors and exhibitors are available, or with Timur Dmitrov, the representatives from CPI Russia.

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