Review of the ICCX Asia in Shanghai

The ICCX Asia 2017 took place on 22nd and 23rd September 2017 at the Marriott Shanghai Parkview Hotel. The main goal was to discuss differences in the Chinese and European approach of precast technology and to explore opportunities to speed up the same in China in the future to meet current housing needs. Keynote speakers from Europe, Oceania and North America addressed precast standards and the construction technology, while Chinese speakers provided the state-of-the art in China. A first class lecture programme and an equally high-quality trade exhibition, with specialised suppliers from the concrete and precast concrete industry ensured a wide range of useful information for the professionals´ daily work.

Conference programme especially for the Asian building industry
The need for affordable living space – of a high quality and erected as quickly and safely as possible – is unabated in China. There is enormous potential for precast concrete construction, but it has not been utilised to a great extent so far. The topics of the presentations were perfectly matched on this subject area.

fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete) and PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute), contributed significantly to the technical content of this industry event. Speakers from all over the world shared their experiences about precast design, -construction, -efficiency, -sustainability and advantages of precast construction in seismic regions.

Simultaneous translations for the presentations and a translation service in the exhibition have been offered during the whole conference.

Target-oriented trade exhibition – the ideal complement
The trade exhibition as a main part of all ICCX-events supplemented the lectures by providing information about tomorrow's industrialised construction. Highly professional, leading companies from the concrete and precast concrete industry presented their most innovative ideas and solutions and provided extensive information. A visit to the exhibition was worthwhile!

Ample opportunity for networking
Both during the conference and afterwards, there was plenty opportunity for networking. As special service from the speakers, there was the opportunity to “meet the experts in the exhibition” and to discuss intensively with them after their speeches. Above all, the conference dinner on 22nd of September offered the perfect opportunity for this, too.