International conference for concrete block paving was a complete success

ICCBP 2015 sets new visitor and exhibitor records

On 11 September 2015, as the 11th ICCBP concrete block paving conference at the International Congress Centre in Dresden came to an end, only satisfied faces could be seen in view of the record visitor and exhibitor participation. Never before had more than 600 participants attended an ICCBP event and never before had there been an accompanying trade exhibition with more than 60 exhibiting companies. About a quarter of the visitors came from Germany, the rest from all over the world. The marketing strategy developed by the organisers together with CPI Concrete Plant International has thus proven its worth and at the same time created an excellent initial situation for the 12th ICCBP Conference, which will take place in 2018 in Seoul, South Korea

iccbp2015 bild01The Technical University of Dresden had taken on the mandate of hosting the 11th ICCBP in Germany. The organisation before and during the event was then planned and executed by the Road and Traffic Research Society (FGSV) together with CPI Concrete Plant International, which proved to be a very successful combination. Each project partner was able to play to its own strengths and was ultimately able to celebrate a complete joint success. Following the opening event in line with the exhibition on 8 September 2015, the programme of lectures of the 11th ICCBP began on 9 September 2015. Programme of lectures with speakers from 18 different countries The programme of lectures with internationally recognised speakers gave the visitors to the congress an extensive offering of 40 professional presentations in all. Whether clients, designers, building contractors, concrete block manufacturers or representatives from research and science, the comprehensive program of lectures had interesting aspects to offer every visitor to the conference.

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