General questions about the event

With our approximately 30,000 newsletter recipients and 100,000 worldwide readers of our trade journals, we permanently reach all potential visitors - professionals from the concrete and precast industry. We also use social media campaigns and other digital forms of advertising to address them. With 8 interactive Live Days per year, we also rely on a recurring and long-term virtual conference model.

Live Days are days with full interactivity, all visitors can communicate with each other, visit lectures and exhibiting companies. Two "Live Days" are followed by the Archive Phase, where visitors can view exhibitor booths and media library content. Communication is then ensured via mail requests or other stored contact options. The next Live Days will take place approximately 3 months later.

You will receive access to a configurator to design and equip your stand. The options depend on the booked stand category and the additional options. After completion, your stand will be virtually implemented and you will receive access to view the finished stand before the next Live Days. If you have any questions, we and our service provider will be happy to help.

Depending on the booth category, we need 4-8 weeks to program your booth. Your stand will be online at the next possible Live Days, at the beginning of the respective month the monthly invoicing also starts. Please also ask for possibilities of other payment options.

The sponsoring banners offer additional presence and link directly to your own detailed stand view. Additionally, the sponsor logo will be shown in the next possible promotion (article, advertisement and website).

technical questions

An avatar is the graphic representation on the Internet of a real person. It facilitates communication in virtual space. Here you can see an example and the creation process: https://webcast.meetyoo.de/player.html?library=R4uhDsLTzrFc&autoplay=false&preview=https://assets.meetyoo.de/pub/media/images/booth_features_avatar.png

The booked stand category or the additional options decide which information is required. By "managed service", our service provider is referring to an online form that requests the individual entries and data step by step. Basically, this is very similar to the procedure at real events. In addition, our provider naturally offers personal support should there be any questions.

Yes, the videos can be displayed in full screen mode.

During the Live Days, all participants see each other and can of course communicate. The visitor history during the Live Days can be requested from us by exhibitors. This function is not available during the archive phase.

During the archive phase no chat function is available. Contact will be established via e.-mail request.

Yes, this is possible. You create the password after booking the package with the project manager. Here you also discuss the duration of the password validity. Your Auditorium is also available for visitors during the Archive Phase, the Conference Lounge only during the Live Days..

You can determine the stand equipment mainly by choosing a suitable stand category. Depending on the stand category, additional equipment can be booked.

Both public and private chat history can be saved and downloaded. In ICCX digital 365. the chat remains permanently saved, but can be actively deleted.

The data is transferred via secure SSL connection over servers in Germany.

You don't need a tool, the video call is provided in the internet browser via our platform. The data is sent via servers in Germany.

Exhibitors can be found in the online exhibitor catalog. In addition, there is a search function for company names, product categories and countries. Starting with the stand category "Economy", the stands in the individual halls are shown as 3D miniatures in the hall plan.

Yes, every visitor to the booth is visible via the booth's group chat. In addition, all visitors to the event are visible (networking lounge) and approachable. In any case, private 1:1 communication is possible.