ICCX Southern Europe - Exhibitor list & registration


ICCX Southern Europe: The precast concrete sector at SaMoTer 2021

Southern Europe has a new meeting place for the concrete industry in the ICCX Southern Europe. The new trade fair will be organized from March 3-7, 2021 in cooperation with the international construction equipment trade fair SaMoTer in Verona.


Booth (4x4m): 3.480 €

  • Direct exhibitor registration fee
  • Wooden wall construction h=3.00m; wall panel color choice (black/white)
  • Flooring in carpet tiles with color choice (anthracite, red, blue)
  • Custom company fascia board on every open side
  • Electricity: 2 spotlights 150W, 1 Multi socket 220v
  • 1 Table, 3 chairs, waste bin, coat stand
  • Technical service fee (2kW electricity, regular cleaning)

Reserve your booth here! 


CountryWebsite Sponsorship
MBS Klein BASF Italy www.master-builders-solutions.com  Gold
logo kobra KOBRA Formen GmbH Germany www.kobragroup.com Gold
Logo RATEC RATEC Germany www.ratec.org Gold
Logo Ludwig Franz Ludwig GmbH Germany www.fludwig.com Gold
Assyx Logo ASSYX GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.assyx.com Bronze
Logo Kappema Kappema GmbH Germany www.kappema.com Bronze
simem logo lang Simem S.p.A. Italy www.simem.com Bronze 
Splice Sleeve Logo web Splice Sleeve Japan, Ltd. Japan www.splicesleeve.com Bronze
  BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme Gm Germany www.hp-bfs.de  
  BIANCHI CASSEFORME Italy www.bianchicasseforme.it  
  Contex Hartmetall Verschleißte Germany www.contex-gmbh.de  
  COPLAN SRL Italy www.coplan.it  
  CPI worldwide Germany www.cpi-worldwide.com  
  Elettro Sigma Srl Italy www.elettrosigma.com  
  MAEMA SRL Italy www.maemasrl.it  
  MCT ITALY SRL Italy www.marcantonini.com  
  myWood Polomka Timber s.r.o. Slovakia www.mywood.de  
  NORDIMPIANTI SYSTEM SRL Italy www.nordimpianti.com  
  OMAG Germany www.omag.de  
  OZB Turkey www.ozb.com.tr  
  Plan srl Italy www.planitalia.it  
  Rocchi srl Italy www.rocchipg.eu  
  WASA AG Germany www.wasa-technologies.com