3 - 6 December 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia

ICCX Russia 2019: a sign of growth

Infrastructure, residential construction and "smart cities" – these are three areas that the Russian government intends to systematically expand in the coming years. The concrete and precast concrete industry can also benefit from planned government and private investments worth billions. If you want to know what is happening in the industry in Russia and the CIS countries, the ICCX Russia in St. Petersburg is the right place for you. The trade conference and trade fair is the most important event for the industry in the region and a fixed date in the calendar of manufacturers and suppliers. With a well-founded lecture programme, an exhibition with more than one hundred international suppliers and a supporting programme with exclusive factory visits, the ICCX Russia offers concentrated specialist information and an intensive exchange of opinions, exclusively among concrete experts.

There are signs that more state and private investment will flow into the Russian construction industry again in the coming years and that the construction sector will grow accordingly: The Russian government is planning comprehensive programmes to expand infrastructure, residential construction and so-called "smart cities", i.e. technically advanced, efficient and ecologically sustainable cities.

Save the dates – 3rd–6th December 2019 – in your diary now!

For example, according to the "Plan for the Modernisation and Expansion of Infrastructure" adopted at the end of 2018, 6.3 bill. roubles will be invested in transport and energy infrastructure by 2024 (at the exchange rate at the beginning of August 2019 this corresponds to around 96.5 billion US dollars or 87 billion euros). The plan includes numerous modernisation projects, including port, airport, road, water and rail modernisation.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Construction is currently working out a strategy for the development of the construction industry up to the year 2030. The aim is to strengthen competitiveness and technological development.

All of this also opens up new opportunities for international suppliers and the local concrete and precast concrete industry.

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ICCX Academy

The ICCX Academy will kick off the four-day ICCX Russia 2019 on the first day of the event. In the seminar, Michael Khrapko, New Zealand, will discuss the importance of concrete quality for the finished concrete or precast concrete structure. He shows that environmental conditions also play an important role and must be taken into account if the desired concrete properties are to be achieved.

Know-how from all over the world

The developments and perspectives of the construction industry and the concrete and precast concrete industry in particular will also be a topic at the ICCX Russia 2019. In any case, the programme of the leading industry event creates the right context for this - starting with the lecture programme, which picks up on current developments:

Prof. Vyacheslav Falikman from the Scientific A. A. Gvosdev Research and Planning Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (NIIZhB) in Moscow talks among other things about so-called "Smart Concretes", i.e. intelligent concretes that meet the demands of our time, be it increasing the durability or strengthening the ecological sustainability of structural elements and buildings. Ricardo Remus, Managing Director of the German company Sonocrete GmbH, presents the method of concrete hardening by means of ultrasound which he co-developed.

In a double lecture Mark Gilliland and Mark Magill from the Irish precast concrete company Creagh Concrete will discuss the advantages of precast concrete construction and in particular of precast concrete façades.

In turn, Efe Ikponmwosa points out investment opportunities for the Russian construction industry in a foreign market, namely Nigeria. The professor at the Nigerian University of Lagos will give his lecture under the motto "Challenges and opportunities for precast concrete construction in Nigeria and how Russia can contribute".

First aerated concrete session

An innovation in the ICCX Russia programme is the aerated concrete session, which will take place for the first time this year. The organiser is thus responding to the demand for know-how in aerated concrete production.

On the third day of the event, 5 December, speakers from science, industry and associations will speak about developments and trends on the Russian and international aerated concrete markets. Gleb Greenfeld, Managing Director of the "Russian Association of Aerated Concrete Manufacturers", will take a close look at the situation on the Russian market for aerated concrete products and present development perspectives. Prof. Margarita Kaftayeva then talks about possible damage to aerated concrete products and how to prevent it.

Four factory visits, …

The ICCX Russia is rounded off by the supporting programme. This year the participants are spoilt for choice between four factory visits: "Lider Prom" in Yanino, the precast concrete plant of the leading Northern Russian construction group "Lider Group", has already supplied all the precast elements required for numerous residential, commercial and infrastructure projects in the St. Petersburg region, from the sandwich wall to the hollow-core ceiling to the girder and column.

The “Murinskiy” construction company in Murino also has a powerful concrete, structural precast concrete elements and concrete products division. "Murinskiy" produces structural precast elements such as walls, ceilings and wall blocks as well as concrete products such as paving stones and kerbstones. The manufacturer's machinery and plants include equipment from leading European manufacturers, including Echo Precast Engineering, Galanos, Technocom and Simem, Sal-Product, Poyatos and Kübat.

"Zemsys" in Kolpino produces high-quality pavers in various colours, with a wide variety of surfaces and for many technical applications, as well as kerbstones and hollow blocks for garden construction, landscaping and building construction. The company produces fully automated with a line from Hess and, according to its own information, is one of the largest concrete product manufacturers in the northwest region of Russia.

Finally, there will also be an excursion for aerated concrete manufacturers. It guides the participants through the production halls of the aerated concrete plant in Kikerino near St. Petersburg, which until recently belonged to the H + H Group.

...a Paulaner evening

Despite all the lectures, expert discussions and excursions - it is also clear that many of the best talks take place in a relaxed, personal atmosphere, for example at the festive evening on the second day of the event in the Paulaner restaurant of the Park Inn Pulkovskaya conference hotel. Good food, beer from the hotel's own brewery and rousing dance music from the three front women of the proven "FM Show" band provide the right setting.