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The ICCX Central Europe moves to Warsaw

The first ICCX Central Europe in 2014 was organized with a strong focus on the particularities of the Polish concrete industry. Since then, the event has continuously developed into a larger event, covering a bigger scope and attracting a larger audience from neighbouring countries. A one-day event became a two-day event, which grew further when it was supplemented by a one-day technical course in 2016, expanding it to last 3 days. Until now the venue for the ICCX Central Europe has been the Congress Hotel in Ossa, which is situated about one hour by car from Warsaw Airport. In the coming year the ICCX Central Europe 2019 will for the first time take place directly in Warsaw. The new venue is the conference hotel Double Tree by Hilton Hotel & Conference, located very close to Warsaw International Airport.

In relocating from Ossa to Warsaw, the organisers are reacting to the growth of the event and to the change in the stream of foreign visitors. Whereas the conference hotel in Ossa was well situated for motorists - and virtually all Polish participants come with their own car - the distance from the airport to the hotel in Ossa was not ideal in respect of the greatly increased number of visitors from other countries.

In a very short time period, the ICCX Central Europe has successfully established itself beyond Poland's borders and a better connection between the airport and the event venue was considered crucial. As a logical consequence, the event was relocated to take place directly in Warsaw.

For the first time in history, the decision-makers from the Central European concrete industry will meet directly in Warsaw for the ICCX Central Europe from 13 to 15 February 2019. The two-day technical conference with accompanying trade exhibition will again be supplemented by a technical course on the third day. In keeping with the tradition, there will be an evening event on the first day of the congress, taking place in the hotel's own "Zazen" entertainment lounge.

Despite the significant optimisation and relocation to a central venue with perfect infrastructure, the organisers have managed to keep visitor admission prices unchanging. The relocation to Warsaw will therefore have no negative impact on any of the many expected participants, but many will benefit from it considerably.

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