8 - 9 February 2017, Ossa, Poland

ICCX Central Europe 2017

The preparations for the ICCX Central Europe 2017 are almost complete and the participants can look forward once again to a highly interesting and extensive offering, which the organisers of the ICCX Central Europe have put together. A high-class, two-day conference programme is on the agenda, rounded off by the exhibition to accompany the conference with over 100 booths. Further highlights of the ICCX Central Europe 2017 are the Concrete Block Centre and the workshops to be held by some of the exhibiting companies. With a half-day technical course on the day following the conference, an additional offering has been created that hadn't existed at this year's ICCX Central Europe. The venue for the next ICCX Central Europe, which will take place on 8 and 9 February 2017, will once again be the Hotel Ossa Congress & Spa, situated to the south of Warsaw. A shuttle service will once again enable an uncomplicated transfer from the airport to the Congress Hotel and, of course, back again.

Conference agenda with international experts
The two-day conference agenda is again divided into four topical blocks. So that the participants of different nationalities can easily follow the presentations, they will be interpreted simultaneously into several languages. In addition, the presentations will be projected onto two screens in the English and Polish versions.

The organisers of the ICCX Central Europe have been able to enlist the services of experts from several European countries, South Africa and the USA as speakers and are confident that they have once more put together a package to suit all participants.

The opening presentation before the first topical block will be made by the market researcher Marcin Peterlik, who is well known and esteemed beyond Poland's borders, with highly interesting forecasts about the future of the precast concrete industry in Central Europe. All participants, regardless of their nationality, will certainly get their money's worth here.

Alongside the classical presentation programme with international speakers, several firms from the accompanying professional exhibition will also offer practical workshops in a separate lecture area. These will always take place following a block of presentations and will not overlap with the further presentations in the conference room.

International trade exhibition
The conference at the ICCX Central Europe 2017 will be accompanied by a trade exhibition with more than 100 booths. International suppliers to the concrete industry will be waiting here to present their latest solutions and products to the participants.

At this concrete trade fair – by far the largest in the region – the participants will be able during the breaks between the presentations to meet interesting conversation partners and to get all the news from the supplier industry.

Concrete Block Centre
As a new element of the ICCX Central Europe, the Concrete Block Centre had already met with overwhelming approval on the part of the supplier industry in the first days of the planning for the ICCX Central Europe 2017. The proof of this was the great interest on the part of many companies in participating in the ICCX Central Europe 2017 with a booth of their own. All planned booths in the Concrete Block Centre had already been booked, so the organisers had to expand it once again. Everything in this separate section of the professional exhibition accompanying the conference is devoted to concrete products. The complete spectrum will be served, from concrete paving blocks to wetcast products.

ICCX Dinner Party
The evening gala – a tradition from the very outset and always fully booked at the ICCX Russia – also met with the overwhelming approval of the participants on its premiere at the ICCX Central Europe in February this year. At the ICCX evening gala with accompanying musical programme, all the participants – whether visitors, speakers or exhibitors – will be able to converse once again in a casual atmosphere.

Technical course
An additional offering to follow on from the ICCX Central Europe 2017 will be a technical course on the subject of concrete technology for earth-moist concretes. This will take place on the day after the conference, on 10/02/2017.

This additional technical course is also offered at the annual ICCX Russia in St. Petersburg and has proven to be very popular there.


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ICCX Central Europe 2017

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