3D Printing & Automation – Future Precast Manufacturing

Precast manufacturers have been at the forefront of innovation in the concrete industry for decades, centralizing production to benefit from economies of scale, productizing and innovating concrete modules, and systemizing and automating manufacturing processes to the extent possible. With the rise of digital technologies and the accelerated development of a broad field of automation technologies for any step in the manufacturing process, technology becomes a key differentiator. Therefore an urgent need arises to decide on strategic and product differentiation as well as to enable these strategic decisions by an adequate technology roadmap. In his contribution to ICCX, Aeditive’s Alex Tuerk explores the role of automation technology and 3D printing at this strategic crossroad of the precast industry. 

Alexander Türk

Having advised global technology leaders for more than 7 years, Alex Tuerk thinks strategically on how technology shapes industries. In his role as CEO of Aeditive he is in charge of all strategic and commercial aspects of the Hamburg-based startup. Aeditive provides automation solutions based on its proprietary Robotic Shotcrete Printing process. Its customers are European precast manufacturers who plan to deploy the solution to a broad range of concrete elements.