Various applications examples and how 3DCP will change the concrete industry

Twente Additive Manufacturing was founded in November of 2018 by Tim Brodesser, Jonathan Ladouceur, Adam Rumjahn, Jim Ziemlanski and Ian Comishin. All of the founders are operationally involved on a daily basis. They set out to build a company from scratch with a few goals in mind. As strong believers in digital manufacturing they felt they could influence the architectural world by bringing more automation to the build site and the factories of construction element suppliers. Freeform design is loose term used by architects to describe elements that are comprised using arcs, curves and otherwise non-rectilinear shapes and surfaces. The conventional building processes used today often make freeform design cost-prohibitive to most housing projects. Buildings that have compound curves in their walls and landscape elements can be much more easily created with robust concrete 3D printing equipment. Until now, most cities and towns have been covered in generic rectangular buildings which Twente hopes to change to include more creative and expressive living spaces. 

Ian Comishin, President

Ian is a self-taught automation enthusiast who has been working in CNC and other digital fabrication process for more than 20 years. He has fulfilled the role of Operations Director or President of many different companies. He has a long background in implementing industrial machinery into new industries.