BIM and AAC projects

How can BIM help in AAC projects? This presentation shows a design to build workflow for an AAC project with the support of the BIM method. We will see how to exchange building models in an Open BIM project with the IFC-format or in a Closed BIM with the native Revit format. Split walls, floors and roofs into reinforced AAC panels. Perform the static calculation to get the reinforcement for each typical panel and generate reports for it. Create a site plan and a part list with each panel. Upload the site plan and the IFC-model with the panels to the cloud. Client can make a clash detection with this model and his own model and give approval for production. At the end we define the transport stacks of the panels according to the installation sequence. 

Reinhard Lackner, CEO of IDAT GmbH, Germany

Reinhard Lackner studied computer science at the Technical University Vienna. Since 1990 he is CEO at the German based company IDAT where he is mainly responsible for the development of CAD/BIM and ERP software for the Precast Concrete and AAC Industry. He held several lessons about precast software at the Autodesk University in Las Vegas. He has a lot of experience in implementation of CAD/BIM software in design departments. Since 2016 he is part of the IFC4precast project group which defines a new model exchange standard for the precast industry under the head of the buildingSMART International.